Social Media Marketing

and its Importance for Businesses

We meet with businesses all the time. Some are new businesses and some are established businesses. One of the common obstacles we face is business owners not understanding the needSocial Media Marketing and importance of having a social media marketing plan. Plain and simple, they don’t see the importance and value that it can bring. The common misunderstanding of social media is that it’s only used to connect with old college friends. Many folks we run into simply don’t use social media or even understand how to use it. These are dedicated business owners who are busy and simply don’t have the time to post information or tweet something.   But the reality is that social media is the platform for which online marketing and business searches are taking place.

Social media is perhaps the most important marketing medium that all business owners need to accept. It’s growing by leaps and bounds every year and shows no signs of slowing. Having a strong social media presence is key and should be an integral part of every business plan. Any properly designed and well thought out marketing strategy will include social media circles. 

The Internet is an even playing field and having a great website and a strong social media presence is key to success. Did you know that Google now includes social media activity in its search results?

Your key to success depends on your business establishing itself as an authoritative expert in your line of business or field. Provide meaningful relevant content in your social media circles and over time you can dominate in results. One friend or follower likes your information shares it and before you know it your messages go viral. Your name, brand, and information is now broadcasted to many. What a great way to market!

Social Media opens up the power of word of mouth.  Folks buy based on trust and recommendations. It’s the power of other customers and your community, along with a finely tuned marketing message that will bring business to you.

If you’re not good at social media, don’t understand it or simply don’t have the time to engage properly in social media, hire a marketing company like Trumpet Marketing. We can help you not only create a great social media strategy; we can implement and run it for you! Knowing how to marketing properly in social media is also key.

Don’t resist social media. It’s here to stay and if you embrace it, you’ll be more successful than the businesses that don’t!


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