Search Engine OptimizationResults come from exposure.  Internet exposure comes from search engine rankings.  Search Engine rankings come in a large part from search engine optimization.   Without search engine optimization, both on and off site, your website will not reach its full potential.

Over 80% of all Internet users use search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to find products and services.   Statistics also show that 75% of those searches never make it past the first or second page of results.   In order to be successful online, you MUST incorporate search engine optimization into your website strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes factors ON your website and OFF your website.   Key considerations for search engine optimization.

Keyword Research and Selection

Keyword SearchIt’s critical to understand how your target audience is searching… exactly which key words and phrases are used most often to find you type of product or service.


Unique content is important.  Your website should provide a decent amount of content in the form of text in order to perform well.  You content should effectively include keywords and those keywords should be presented in a specific way on your website.

Search Engine Friendly  Website Design

Search Engine Friendly Website DesignYour website design plays a key role in how your site ranks with the search engine. Proper use of HTML tags, meta tags, descriptions, image alt tags and layout all play a key role.   It is important that your website developer has a strong grasp on Search Engine friendly design.   You can have the coolest or most creative website design, only to have it fail without proper on-site SEO.

Inbound Links

Another key role in determining how search engines rank your websites is the number and quality of inbound links. Inbound links are simply links into your website from other sites.  Lots of links are great, but even more important is the quality of those links, where they came from, how the authority of the site from which the link comes and the text used to link to your site.

Other SEO Factors

SEO ranking factorsAs social media and mobile web apps become a bigger part of how we use the Internet, other factors such as  “Likes” on Facebook, “Plus 1’s” on Google,  “tweets” from Twitter and other factors are being considered as important indicators of how “important” or “popular” your website is.   Since popularity is a key to search engines algorithms, it’s no wonder these have begun to affect your search engine rankings.


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