Trumpet Marketing Brands


LawyerFinder.com is an online directory of attorneys that help clients in a wide range of legal matters.   Lawyers are classified by geography and area of practice.  LawyerFinder.com was created by the founders of Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC in 1987.   Visit the website at LawyerFinder.com.


Trumpet Media is the video and advertising production division of Trumpet Marketing Group, LLC.  Visit the webstie at http://trumpet.media



PresentationMall.com is an online store with downloadable vector maps in a variety of formats.  These maps are design to aid in the creation of custom maps for presentation, illustrations and websites.  PresentationMall’s maps provide the end use with the ability to customize the size, colors and other features of the map for their unique application.   Maps are provided in Adobe® Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint® and a variety of other formats.  Visit the website at PresentationMall.com