Local Search, it’s been here and its growing uses are expanding. Recently Amazon’s Echo, better known by users as Alexa, has added some intelligence and is utilizing local search data and playing in that space. Echo has added the ability to provide owners the capability to get information about local businesses from data that it’s getting directly from Yelp.

Ask Echo to search for a local roofing contractor, the mobile app will provide local search results and even Yelp’s star ratings. Get business addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation and a host of other information. This recent Echo update was recently pushed out to Echo / Alexa users.

You need to have a Local Search strategy for your business. Yes, it is important that your business is found in Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches, but it’s important that your business is listed and optimized in online directories. These local search directories play equally important roles in gaining exposure on the Internet and having your business ranking well in searches.