Everyone knows that Google is the de-facto standard for Internet searches and has been the dominating force. Bing and Yahoo respectively, have been the second and third place players chasing Google. How the tables can turn is interesting… Yahoo had a deal with Bing which used Bings cloak for how it handled queries. A new deal between Yahoo and Google now allows Yahoo to send queries to both Google and Bing and they control how it’s done. Yahoo gets to use both search engines for user’s results and ad space.

You’re Businesses SEO Strategy

If you have a sound SEO strategy in place, encompassing both on-site optimization, regular meaningful content creation and off-site optimization not much will change for you. If you simply have been chase rankings with no real strategy, you need to pay attention. The field has changed. Paid ads will also be impacted and businesses will have to pay close attention to not only Google ads, but paid advertisements with both Bing and Yahoo. If you are only playing with Google, it’s time to pay attention and widen your net to include how you are doing with other search platforms.