As we enter into the Fall and Winter months, many construction businesses face a slow-down in business due to the holidays and weather conditions.  We feel it’s an opportune time to build up your visibility on the web in preparation for the spring… and even better… bring in business during a normally slow time of year. 

Here are a few things that you can do to improve your exposure and get found on the web.


  1. List your business in GoogleMyBusiness (GoogleMyBusiness).  Ensure that you have a complete listing / business profile on Google.   This process can take up to a couple of weeks because Google needs to verify your address. Sometimes this is done by sending you a postcard to verify that your business resides at the address you list.
  2. Local Search. Aside from Google, there are “authority” Internet Yellow Page directories…about 50 of them!  It’s important to have a consistent brand and profile on each of these.  Local search marketing is especially important for local service based businesses. These listings show up on mobile searches which account for about half of all service based Internet searches Click here to see if your construction business is listed!
  3. A well-oiled website, optimized to generate leads from your target markets and for the services you wish to promote the most. Whether you are a roofing contractor, remodeling contractor or even a landscaping contractor, your website can serve as a magnet for leads.  When you’re generating leads from your own website, you’re not competing with other contractors for those leads!    Here are a few basic suggestions to ensure your contractor website if working well for you!
    1. Optimized pages.  Make sure your website pages are optimized for search engines.  This means you’re properly using headers and placing keywords in your content.  This needs to be done naturally by not overusing keywords, but by providing useful content that will compel your reader to contact you for an estimate.
    2. Provide plenty of good before and after photos.   Contractors have a great opportunity to showcase their work on the web. Most people are visual and want to see your work.  Photos on your website will compel them to contact you… especially if these are visually appealing. Before/After photos are always a great idea to show off your handy work.   Besides impressing your audience, photos offer another way to catch the attention of search engines.  Optimizing your photos with the proper title and “alt” tags, will get your images indexed by Google.   Images from the Google image gallery generates lots of traffic to websites.  More traffic is an indicator to the search engines on how “important” your website is!  
    3. Mention your service areas.  Many folks search by geography.  Make sure your website mentions in content service areas that you cover.
    4. Provide as much useful content as possible.   More relevant and useful content equates to more exposure.   Folks like to be educated and providing content on your website in the form of a blog or even static pages, helps viewers determine your expertise and if you make it personal, you can use it as a communication tool to build trust.
  4. Get high quality links into your website.  Locate opportunities to provide links from other websites TO your website.  There are many opportunities including:
    1. Local business web directories
    2. Industry business directories. You can find these by just Googling “find a contractor”.
    3. Join your Chamber of Commerce. When you join, you typically get links to your websites.
    4. Manufacturer websites. Some materials manufacturers offer professional profiles that can include a link to your website.  If you have relationships in place, ask for the link!
    5. Sponsor Local Community Events. If you sponsor local events or support local non-profits and charities, many times they will thank you by providing a link to your website.  Some ideas include (School booster clubs, bands, theatre groups and PTSA groups, local societies and organizations and local non-profits).
  5. Get involved in Social Media. Contractors, in particular benefit tremendously from social media activity.  So many referrals happen on Facebook, alone.  Make sure you have a professional business profile on Facebook. Also, for contractors I recommend Pinterest.  Pinterest is where folks go for ideas and inspiration.  Be strategic about HOW you post to these, keeping in mind where you host the media and how you can direct prospective clients back to your website.


I’m Laurie Williams with Trumpet Marketing in Germantown, MD.  My husband Jim and I have been helping businesses thrive through the use of Internet Marketing. I hope these pointers help you with marketing your construction business.   We understand that some of these suggestions can be difficult to implement. If you need help implementing these or coming up with a web marketing strategy… or if you need a new website, feel free to contact us.  This is what we do!   We’d love the opportunity to help you generate more business and get found on the web.    Give us a call or simply fill out the form below to discuss your business needs. We would love to help!  (301) 515-4184.